Body firming treatment

The flaccidity, degradation of collagen fibers and the elastin that supports the skin can be triggered by many different factors: sudden change of diet, aging, post-partum, etc. The way to prevent or reduce these factors is to combine muscle tone with the stimulation of the venous circulation.

All this can be done in many ways, and massage is one of the most effective. However, some aggressive massage techniques based on abrupt continuous tissue stretch  (and that applied to other treatments such as cellulitis), may have the opposite effect, creating flaccidity.

LIPODREN performs a massage deep and firm, progressive but not aggressive, combining negative force stimuli (tissue suction) and positive (pushing tissue by Venturi effect). Together the result is:

  • Mechano-transduction that stimulates collagen production.
  • Stimulation of the venous circulation, which stimulates the production of essential proteins to prevent flaccidity.

And in just 45 minutes LIPODREN delivers a massage that firms the abdomen, arms, legs and gluteus all simultaneously, thanks to the multi-arm system.